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Whether you are going for a vintage look or neoclassical, choosing personalised napkins for your glasses provides a delightful little detail that can bring out your creative side. The best part about having your coasters customized is that you can easily incorporate all your favorite paintings. Yes, you read that right. So for all art lovers out there, here's a chance to surround yourself with the greatest painters of all time by getting a photographic artwork of their paintings. These are tiny and adorable miniature versions that are remarkably accurate in details. These can be done in one little coaster that will surely amaze your guests. 

Here's a list of some of the greatest paint masters of time that you can add to your personalised napkins.

Claude Monet -- Water Lilies

Monet is known for his impressionistic artworks that totaled to more than 200 paintings. One of his most renowned artwork is titled as the Water Lilies or Nympheas. The oil canvass has been Monet's personal take about his home garden in Giverny. It is currently being showcased in museums from all over the globe and putting it in your personalised coasters wouldn't be too shabby at all.

Rembrandt van Rijn -- The Night Watch

The Night Watxh is one of the most realistic paintings of all time., and Rembrandt finished his masterpiece during the Golden Age. He called it The Night Watch, featuring Capt. Banning Cocq and Lt. Ruytenburch while "night watching." The painting looks so real that many people sought to get a glimpse of this amazing artwork. Now, you can put it on your coaster in memory of the greatest artist during the 17th century.

Edvard Munch -- The Scream

Almost everyone knows about the controversial painting known as The Scream by Edvard Munch. With red skies and disturbingly flowing background, you'll see a man with a terrified expression on its face, with a plea in silent agony. There have been many issues regarding this artwork and maybe you can show it off and see what others think about it through your coasters.

Michaelangelo -- The Creation of Adam

An incredibly detailed work of Michaelangelo is located at the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel. It is called The Creation of Adam. Painted during the Renaissance period, it has been a subject of many debates and satires for centuries. You can have a scaled down version by putting an image in your personalised coasters.

Leonardo da Vinci -- The Last Supper

Now here's a painting that is not only perfect for art fanatics, but it is great for religious ones as well. The Last Supper by da Vinci shows Jesus Christ and His disciples gathered in one long table eating dinner before Christ was resurrected. Finished during the 15th century, it is currently one of the most influential and most important paintings of all time, from which you can also add to your lovely coasters.

Picasso, Monet, da Vinci are some examples of the most legendary artists that you can put on your personalised coasters. You can choose other painters too and you can even have it customized to your preference. So surprise your guests by seeing these amazing little coasters that are stamped with larger than life artists.